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127th Canton Fair scheduled online from June 15 to 24

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127th Canton Fair scheduled online
from June 15 to 24

Dear Overseas Buyers,
The Ministry of Commerce of PRC has decided that the 127th Canton Fair is to be held online from June 15 to 24. The preparation work is underway going, the sponsor is improving technological application and supporting services to enhance the online experience of all enterprises and traders. Strive to hold an especially wonderful "online Canton Fair", with special significance through special measures, in this unprecedented time.
We need your participation more than ever to successfully hold the coming session. Let's join our hands and create more business opportunities!
Thank you for your attention.
China Foreign Trade Centre


Gold Foil Wood Shadow Box Wall Art   

  Natural Wood, KT Backboard, Brown PS Frame, Glass Cover 

  Size 20x20 inches / 50x50 cm               


Pulp Design Shadow Box Wall Art
Pulp Design, Environmental, KT Backboard, Wood Color PS Frame, Glass Cover

Size 20x20 inches / 50x50 cm



Urban View Paper Collaged Wall Art               

Printed Cardboard, KT Backboard, Black PS Frame, Glass Cover   

Size 52x26 inches / 130x65 cm

Frog skateboard Paper Collage Wall Art

 Printed Cardboard, KT Backboard, Black PS Frame, Glass Cover
Size 26x26 inches / 65x65 cm


SEATTLE-ART Booth No.: 11.3N17 (Home Decoration Section)

Dear Customers,
We are currently doing preparation work for this special online Canton fair, there are Wall Art new designs constantly been created, new samples to be presented in our showroom. During the fair period, registered buyer can review our showroom by our sales doing live broadcast. It is an interesting challenge for both buyer & seller, to talk business on line, more guildence will be advised the following days.
Meanwhile, welcome to send us your requirements, we are ready with image presentation.
All the best.
Seattle-Art Team



Skirt Lady Back View Canvas Oil Painting          

Canvas, Wooden Stretch Bar, Size 24x32 inches / 60x80 cm       

Size could be customized          


Abstract Crackle Canvas Oil Painting

Canvas, Wooden Stretch Bar, Black L Frame, Size 40x56 inches / 100x140 cm
Size could be customized

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