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Staff banquet in Linjia Restaurant.

Time:2016-08-05    View:164

Dated Aug. 5th, we had a staff banquet in Linjia Restaurant in the evening. The restaurant is an environment-elegant restaurant serving with traditional authentic Minnan Dishes. Its motto is Up to the Good, and Solidarrity and Collaboration, which just as the tenet of our company. We enjoyed the delicious food and greeted to each other that night. The intern Yang Lu was going to end of his internship, and going back to his school life. We wished him up to good in his study, work and life in the future.We also went to the KTV after the dinner, and enjoyed singing there. It was a wounderful night.

It is important to strike a proper balance between work and rest. When you work, work hard; when you play, play to have fun!

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